Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The 10 Best Stories in the Universe

Laughing. Crying. Sharing.

Don't the best stories make you feel all of those? Don't they reflect life and make us connect as people and give us something to feel, something to share, inspire us, make us marvel at life itself?

If that doesn't move you, how about imagining yourself helping a starving writer, struggling to be published, to earn a living?

This is your chance to own your very own copy of my new ebook and be a part of my little experiment about the possibilities for writers to publish via this media.

Right now, you can download The 10 Best Stories in the Universe Written by Me (Plus Two Awful Poems) and be a part of my experiment. These are short stories, so you can read them on your break, while on hold on the phone, or even print them out. The entire ebook is 49 pages long.

Need more persuading?

  • If you order, I'll send you free gifts! (No, they aren't more stories by me)
  • If you order, I'll forever be appreciative!
  • If you order, you can send me your comments. Tell me how great my stories are. Tell me how rotten my poetry is. Show me how you can do better. Maybe you too could be a part of The 10 Best Stories in the Universe Written by US (the sequel, of course).

This collection has something for everyone! Adoption stories, funeral stories, peacock stories. Some have even been published for real!

What, you want a sample before you buy? Ok, you can see an excerpt from my in-progress novel here , and even though I haven't maintained this blog in I can't believe how long, there has to be something else worth reading somewhere on it.

If you decide to share one of the stories with your cousin in Omaha, that's fine, please just give me credit and keep my contact info intact. If you decide to help it go viral (I think Night of the Living Tooth has a chance) or DIGG it or think it is, Thanks a Million (not dollars, but huge gratitude). If you are a friend of mine who just wanted to give me $7.95, I love you too!

Ordering is easy. Just click on the PayPal button on the top of the right sidebar. When PayPal notifies me, I'll email you the pdf file and the aforementioned free gifts. That's it!

Any questions, email me at