Monday, December 17, 2007

Inspiration from the Greatest Thinkers of our Generation

Often when we think of monetizing our blogs, we are concerned with small details; which advertising system should I use? Should I accept this review assignment? Should I sign up for this traffic generating site?

But the post at Dosh Dosh today has me thinking of the bigger picture. I'm not sure where RMB is headed, but I'd like for it to someday sooner rather than later pay the bills, and then some. Pay for travel with the kids. Provide an audience for my novel. Create positive change in the world.

Pretty big goals for the little blog that could, but that's what TED seems to be about. If you too would like to set some big goals for your blog and need some inspiration, take a visit to the TED site.

"TED started out as an annual conference in Monterey devoted to Technology, Entertainment and Design. The content has broadened in recent years, but this annual event is still the main engine that drives TED's success, bringing together 1000 of the world's most remarkable people. The format is fast-paced, with 50+ speakers over four days (plus short talks, performances and evening events). In 2005, an additional conference, TEDGlobal, was inaugurated. It's held every other year, in a different location, focusing on a different theme.
All upcoming conferences through March 2008 are sold out. However, the best content from all TED events is made available through this website."

You can visit their site and view FOR FREE video of some of the best speeches given, by the likes of Seth Godin, Jeff Bezos, and Bill Clinton. Talk about thinking big.

With the new year coming up soon, it is a great time for goal setting. Where do you want your blog to take you? Shouldn't you take a few minutes to learn from the best minds in Business, Technology, Arts, and Global Issues?

Now get busy on your own plan!

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