Monday, December 3, 2007

Schedule Your Posts to Build Loyal Readership

A couple of my regular reads have posted about setting up your blog with a regular post schedule in order to build loyal readers. This allows readers who are not subscribers to know when to visit to get the information they want. Then you have to fulfill your part of the bargain to provide content on schedule.

As I am still developing Russian Mafia Babe, I think that this will be good for me as well. So the schedule that I am putting forth for us here is:

Mondays: Monetize Your Mom Blog (Alternate: Tech Tips)
Wednesdays: Wildcard Wednesdays (see Blog Carnival Announcement post)
Fridays: Fiction or Creative Non-Fiction

(Did you see how I used alliteration there to help me remember? That's because I'm a writer, and also because I'm a mom and my kids take up most of my brain cells.)

On Tuesdays, I will post to Stellar Shaman, and on Thursdays I'll post at Simply Grant Writing or LockBoxDeals.

Let me know what schedule you keep for your blog and how it works out for you.

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