Sunday, November 11, 2007

Jealousy Rears its Head

At the birthday party yesterday, a friend mentioned to me that her sister was going to take her daughter next weekend so they could go to New York for a concert. For the weekend. Without kids.

I was jealous. Horrible, uncharitable jealousy almost prevented me from spitting out "Have a wonderful time." Don't tell me which concert please, or where you're staying in some trendy hotel that doesn't even have Jr. Suites or a family pool.

My nanny is wonderful and has been with us for an unheard of 4 and a half years, through adding a little sister, changing hours to accommodate preschool, and all the other unexpected challenges that crop up, and I am eternally grateful.

But I want a sister, or mother in law, or grandma, or aunt, or cousin, or someone who will take the kids for the weekend, or the night, free. I need a break. Is that horrible?

I live in Miami, and everyone has someone close by, or even in the same multigenerational house, who takes the kids once or twice a month. I'm quite willing to trade weekends and put in time with four kids to get a weekend off with none, but alas all my friends either are childless because, well, they don't want kids around, or have the family connection and don't need to earn points with my two.

So I'm practicing the Secret, and focusing on the positive and the wonderful family who is going to come along and be the perfect weekend trade family, with kids the ages of my kids and lots of patience. Either that or enough money to be able to both afford a sitter and a hotel for a weekend out.

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