Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Mom Product Reviews

In my quest for making a living from writing (including blogging), I uncovered the site Review Me. Many reputable bloggers earn part of their income from Review Me, so it has a good reputation. The site itself is a great idea; smaller blogs wishing to build traffic can purchase a review from a popular, well-known blog. The purchasing blog owner can choose the reviewer, and the reviewer has the right of refusal. The reviewing site earns income, while the reviewed site earns traffic (hopefully).

The cost to be reviewed is fairly reasonable, considering traditional media marketing and advertising rates. And a favorable review will bring new opportunities and possibilities for added income.

Before submitting your site for review, you should consider the following:

-Take a subjective look at your own site. Pretend that you have never visited the site before and see if it is easy to navigate, make sure all of your links work, read some of your most recent posts as well as your category list.

-Have a friend who will be honest with you look at your site and go through links and posts, and be willing to consider suggestions for improving your site design and topics

-Compare your site to top sites in your niche. Do you need to add photos or graphics to be more competitive? Do you need to let more of yourself come through in the writing in order to differentiate your site from others? Are there other features that are lacking, or is your site over crowded?

Once your site is as polished as possible, visit Review Me and choose a reviewer in your niche and price range. Generally, the most popular bloggers charge the most, so it may be worthwhile to pay as much as you can afford. You should also visit the sites of your target reviewers to make sure the style, flavor, and wording complement your own so you can make the most of any referred traffic.

I originally applied to be a reviewer, but alas my traffic numbers are not up to their requirements. So in the meantime, I am considering submitting Russian Mafia Babe for a review. If you've had a review, I'd love to hear how it worked out for you.

In the mom blog niche (which has many, many sub-niches now), other sites are offering reviews as well. You can find some of these by searching Mom Blogs. I found Amalah and table4five in my search. I submitted Russian Mafia Babe to Amy at amalah, will let you know in a future post how it works out.

Also, I'm offering to review products or sites of interest to moms in order to build my own portfolio of reviews. I plan to go by the guidelines specified by Review Me, and it will bring your product or site an inbound link and possibly some traffic.

If you are interested in submitting a site or product for review, please email me at Also, please see my post on Affiliate Programs if you have an affiliate program of interest to moms.


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