Thursday, November 29, 2007

Review: Widget Bucks

You may have noticed a couple of new features on the Russian Mafia Babe sidebar: Widget Bucks ads and a Widget Bucks affiliate link.

WidgetBucks offers yet another option for bloggers to monetize their blogs. It is free, quick, and easy to sign up, plus you get $25 to start off your account. Of course the initial payout is $50, so you have to do your own promotions to collect.

The ads are customizable in regards to size and color scheme, and you can have different ads on different blogs under the same account. Also, you can choose the type of product to offer so that it is most relevant to your visitors. You can visit my other blogs at LockBoxDeals-Blog and Stellar Shaman to check out the different types of ads.

There is an affiliate program link that will pay you for referrals as well - mine is on the right sidebar if anyone reading is considering signing up, please. The referrer continues to earn a commission for 12 months on the purchases made through the new affiliate.

For those of us here on Blogger, there is an automatic integration feature, so it couldn't be easier. There are automatic integration features for other platforms as well.

The payout is reported to be higher than pay per click ads, so there is nothing to lose and more to gain by trying it out.

WidgetBucks does work best for sites that are retail in nature or have a very focused audience who are likely to shop for a certain type of product.

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