Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Internet Multiple Personality Disorder

I've always been a multi-tasker, a starter, and I love to work on multiple projects. Not the best strategy, I'll admit, but it seems to work for me. I especially like to have one big long project and several short-term projects, so that I can work on the big one, take a break and do a smaller one, then go back.

My internet strategy has been similar. I've got several different projects going on, and corresponding blogs. While this has been enjoyable for me and my work style, joining Twitter exposed an underlying problem.

See, I, or I should say Russian Mafia Babe (RMB), joined Twitter to keep up with fellow bloggers, get ideas for posts, and see what all the hype was about. I realized in looking for people to follow that there were several Real Estate identities there, and signed up to follow them. However, most of my real estate contacts know me as Lisa from LockBoxDeals. Ah, the confusion.

I started wondering how much I should utilize social media and when. And how do I keep all these different personalities straight? This led me to lay out a plan for my multiple identities on the internet, and if anyone out there has a simpler option, or a way to keep it all straight, please, PLEASE, let me know. Here, for now, is how I shall manage the multiple facets that are me in the blogosphere:

1. Stellar Shaman - (no social networking) this blog was an outgrowth from a suggestion by our teacher of shamanism that we each find a way to be shamans in our own back yard. I was lucky enough to secure a monthly writing opportunity at The Cosmic Path, and that led me to think about writing as a means of shamanic practice. But it is my own practice, not meant to recruit anyone or network across all social media or even exist in a formal website, so it is just a blog. If any other students of shamanism come across it and contribute, wonderful. If not, wonderful. I post occasionally, when inspired.

2. Simply Grant Writing - (only newsletter, no social networking) oh, the wonders of using a blog to send out announcements to clients! I uploaded my non-profit newsletter subscriber list to FeedBlitz, use this blog to announce upcoming grant offerings, non-profit news, board development standards, and fundraising ideas, and have seen my business at Pegasus Consulting Group, Inc. grow! This is the bread and butter business for 11 years now, but not a high-tech presence.

3. LockBoxDeals-Blog - (business social networking) another form of driving traffic to my real estate investment website at LockBoxDeals, which has been underutilized so far. LockBoxDeals strives to establish presence all over the internet - on MySpace, FaceBook, Twitter, Squidoo, LinkedIn, forums, articles, networking. We send out a weekly Top Ten Deals newsletter, have subscribers across both Realtors and Investors. This is my most formal and pervasive internet presence, but we're fairly new (under 1 year) and still growing!

4. Russian Mafia Babe - (social butterfly) writings and ramblings, a very social gal, but also very informal. There is no official website, she exists only in social media. Creative outlet for the wanna be writer, and rantings of a going crazy parent. RMB gets the most posts as we've signed up for Blog365 : ).

That's all there is to me. Link to me here, there or everywhere and let me know so I can link back. I'm working on being better at comment luv too!

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Wow! You are busy!