Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Potty Training Made Easy

Sorry for the short post and lacking comment love in the community this week, I'm on a big grant deadline.

But several friends have asked me what happened to make Mia's potty training go so smoothly, so I wanted to pass along the best potty video ever (don't know how much competition there is in that field).

Poor Sara was nearly potty trained one summer when we had several plane trips planned over a couple of months. It was just so much easier to have her in a diaper in the airport and in the unknown places that by the end of the summer, she decided she'd just stay in diapers. That's when a friend turned me onto The Potty Song, and we used it right from the start with Mia.

Here it is http://www.onceuponapotty.com/alona2.html

There is a girl version and a boy version, books, dvd, vhs. Works great!

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