Thursday, January 10, 2008

My First Thursday Thirteen! 13 Bloggers I Follow and Why

Thirteen Things about Lisa Merritt

I've only started blogging recently, so my regular reads are constantly changing. And I know they are all over the place (see my post yesterday about my Internet Multiple Personality Disorder). But this is part of the current list, in no particular order.

1. Cajun Vegan - Last week's TT post inspired me to join the club and is required reading for understanding her world.

2. Momisodes - Sandy is the hardest working young blogger out there, accessible, friendly, spreads around the comment and link love.

3. Sarcastic Mom - ok, maybe there is a tie for title of hardest working young blogger. Fresh perspective, great photos.

4. ProBlogger - always something great and useful. Check today's post on Entrecard.

5. Zen Habits - who doesn't need to approach life with a little more Zen?

6. What's Up On Planet Earth - ok, remember that I'm also Stellar Shaman. I love the energy readings Karen provides.

7. Sweetney - in addition to the ever popular posts and photos, Song of the Week!

8. Living in The Now - Dave was the first to befriend me during NaBloPoMo, and what can I say? I'm loyal. And he's great.

9. Chris G - I can always learn something about blogging from him.

10. Dosh Dosh - more great blog building information.

11. Deep End of the Gene Pool - do you need more than the title? I just found this one, but will keep up.

12 - Astronomy-Blog - I'm a geek.

13 - Bloodhound Blog - one stop real estate updates.

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Sandy C. said...

*blushes*....Wow! Thanks so much for putting me on this list!!!

You are so sweet and an amazing blogger yourself :) And yes, I do adore the linky Luurve :)

And spreading it some more! You've been blogrolled ;)

Sarcastic Mom (aka Lotus) said...

You're too kind!

Thanks for lining up to get on the crazy train... tooot toooot! All aboard! ;-)

cajunvegan said...

Welcome! You are soooooooo earning bannedaliciousness linky-links and blog love from me too.