Saturday, January 12, 2008

Vegetarian Chili Recipe - Quick and Delicious

Before the kids came along, we used to have an after - Christmas party with all of our friends that we usually didn't get to see during the holiday rush of family and travel, and we always served our vegetarian chili. Even the meat eaters asked for the recipe, which was embarrassing because it is so simple. Our 5-year-old likes it, but it is still a little too much for our 2-year-old, so we give her mostly the accompanying rice with a little chili and cheese mixed in.

After-Christmas Chili

Vegetarian ground beef crumbles equivalent to 1-pound *
2 cans Chili Magic or Chili Beans or other brand Chili Starter that includes beans and spices
2 cans Ro-Tel original or milder diced tomatoes
See below for rice and toppings

Brown crumbles in canola oil. NOTE: vegetarian crumbles do not brown like ground beef, but will get heated through and require more oil than ground beef. Add Chili Magic, add tomatoes, heat through.

Serve over brown or white rice. Top with shredded cheese, onions, jalepenos, or any other desired topping.

*different brands of crumbles have different amounts that create one pound. My favorite brand is Quorn.



nussaibah said...

I shall be trying this soon enough :-) Thank you for the recipe!

cajunvegan said...

Don't mean to sound like the Ray-tard, but this sounds delish!

Sandy C. said...

Mmmmmmm this sounds yummy! I've had vegetarian chili a few times at work parties, and it was fabulous, but I never got the recipe...I will have to try this one!