Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Little Miss Screams in the New Year

I've decided to rename the baby. I'm going for something more descriptive of her personality, rather than the somewhat refined given name that she currently uses. Henceforth she will be known by her Indian name, Into Everything All The Time.

This morning she opened the dishwasher again, for like the 1000th time. Yes, I do know that they make a dishwasher door latch that you can stick on to keep this from happening, and I even went to the Safety Store and purchased one, but it ended up somewhere, probably the same place where everything that gets purchased to start a project ends up before the project actully happens, wherever that is, and now I can't find it. And of course I refuse to go and buy another one because there is one that I already paid for here in my house. I know, cutting off my nose to spite my face, but still it makes sense to me somehow.

So miss IEATT (not such a good acronym though) opend the dishwasher, while it was operating, so that she could stand on the door in the down position, which allows her to reach the countertop. Yes, a serious hazard and I really should install that latch.

I picked her up and said, NO Mia, NO. And I guess it was a little stronger than usual, but after like the 1000th time I'm a little sick of the whole game. She stuck out her bottom lip and started to get all watery, and then, being fully in the terrible twos now behaviorwise even though she hasn't had her birthday, she let out this high pitched, horrendous, evil screech that unnerves anyone in hearing radius, a sound that has become her favorite noise to make. I told her, "No screaming. You go time out." She only knows what time out is because big sister gets put in time out fairly often, but it seemed to work. She closed up her little mouth, stuck out her lip, got all huffy puffy and stormed her whole 24-pound-self off to the play room, but no more screaming.

About 30 seconds later I started hearing a scream that sounded like Mia's screech, but very low volume, and I thought I'm going to kill whoever gave us a screaming doll for Christmas. I marched to the playroom, ready to throw a toy away, when I see Mia face down on the sofa screaming for all she's worth, but muffling the sound in the pillows. I think I'm in for a long year.


HRH said...

What is with the dishwasher? My 2 year old opens it up and dances on the "stage" whenever I look the other direction or have the nerve to move to another room. I found you through 365--good luck!

davegoblog said...

Lily (our 13-month old) loves to do the same thing as well as help unload the silverware whether or not it's clean.

You crazy cooky 365 blogger! I almost signed up, but decided I wanted to still have a wife :)