Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Wildcard Wednesday - Lincoln Center Christmas Tree

Thanks to for submission of the beautiful tree at Lincoln Center for this Wildcard Wednesday.
She did submit it before Christmas, but because of the holidays I was off for a couple of Wildcard Wednesdays. Here in Miami, FL though, we are still celebrating the holidays until Three Kings Day on January 6 - despite warnings from the fire department that all of the real trees were cut too early this year (people can't figure out that Thanksgiving came early?) and are now fire hazards.
Does any other part of the country celebrate Three Kings Day, the supposed day that the three wise men finally arrived with their gifts for baby Jesus? There is a big street parade here and everything. Let me know if other areas celebrate, and as we say, Prospero Ano Nuevo!


Sandy C. said...

What beautiful photo....*sigh* The holidays went by to fast for us.

I heard it got a bit chilly down in Miami :) woohoo!

Lisa said...

Sandy - I know about the holidays! I've only got a couple more big Santa times with my oldest : (