Sunday, January 13, 2008

Shoes were the topic of the day.

Today's Saraism *

*truth from the mouth of a 5-year-old

This on the way to the beach:

"Mama I want to be born again."

Well, we are not a traditionally religious family, so I had no clue.

"You do honey?"

"Yes. I want to be born again." She has the conviction at least.

"Why is that?"

"Because then I could be 4 again and wear my old shoes."

Ah, the power of Barbie light up sneakers.

We met friends at the beach, and one had on, well, what looked like dressier shoes than you'd picture for a beach outing. Not that I commented, but since shoes were fresh on my mind I must have looked.

"Oh," she said. "I've got to buy new shoes. I've gained weight."

Reminded me of my mom, who once told a friend who complained that all her shoes were too tight, "Well don't you know when you get fat, you get fat in your feet too."

Another reason for those new year's resolutions. Or for turning back time.


Katrina said...

Tag, you're it!

Synova said...

My 15 year old wants light up sneakers. She'd want boy ones instead of girl ones, but if she could find a pair that fit a woman's size 7 I think she'd even go with Spiderman.

pajohnson said...

You've been tagged! Visit my blog at for the rules. Have a great day!

nussaibah said...

Well well well... I guess hearing your 5 year old telling you that was well, not really a surprise :-P I can always hear myself say I want to be younger :P Shoes are always the issue with us, women. Speaking of them, I have to buy new ones :P

Willena said...

It wasn't shoes with my daughter... but it was everything else! One time I accidentally washed a pair of worn out jeans instead of throwing them out. And my daughter fished those wet jeans out of the garbage and hid them under her pillow where I wouldn't see them... and kept them! She could not bear to part with her jeans.